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Megan Walker - 25/09/14

Q: What was your biggest fear before engaging in Paul’s Service? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?
A: Taking a step to engage a Financial Planner, when I had little knowledge or experience to assess the advice given. I’ve learned a bit now about financial management and feel comfortable with the financial adviser and am able to ask questions. However, I still feel unable to tell if alternative plans would be more beneficial. As I have little attraction to, or aptitude for, the field of Financial Planning, it comes down to my trust in the adviser.

Q: Did you have concerns about the cost of engaging Paul’s service? How do you feel about the value of his advice?
A: I did have concerns about the costs of the ongoing financial advice but recognise I need someone to do it as I can’t. I accept that I need to pay a specialist in this field.


Q: What, specifically, pleased you the most in regards to your experience with us?
A: I felt that you have extensive experience in banking and the field of financial planning. At the time I felt the advice would be sound and reliable as it was associated with the National Bank where I have my account. Now, however, we hear a lot about how some banks Advisers have defrauded customers or not acted in their best interests, so if I was starting out now I wouldn’t know where to turn. However, I have found the advice seems to be thorough, and only proceeded with If I am happy and all my queries have been answered.

Q: If you were to recommend us to friends, family or colleagues, what would you say?
A: That Paul is a very experienced person who keeps up with new developments and gains new knowledge in their field. Their attention to customers’ needs/concerns is good, thorough and reliable.


Megan Walker

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